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How to increase strength and elasticity of muscles, when there is no power for fitness?

Today there is no need to prove that active lifestyle – one of conditions of preservation of health for many years. Nevertheless, one business is to agree with a paradigm, and absolutely another – to follow it. Eventually the bag with a costume for sports activities or fitness even more often remains in a car luggage carrier, on the shelf of a hall, and even at all in a wardrobe case. It should be used it with former frequency, but there's no forces to do so.

Reasons of decrease of physical activity are numerous. However, most often ones are the disease, after which the doctors recommend to reduce or completely eliminate exercises, and tense anxiety that turn a taste of life in the heartburn of fatigue and frustration. And now, diseases caused by lack of activity, take you into circulation. Furthermore, muscles become even weaker and less flexible. This circumstance does not bring joy to random exercises and even more alienates you from sports.

Stress and chronic fatigue

There are two ways out of this vicious circle: hope for the invention of super-pill that overnight returns the body to a state of vigor and health; or to overcome yourself and fundamentally go into sports. The second way is clearly preferable ... with one caveat. It is necessary that a specialist who will develop a training program for you, there was also a coach and physiologist, and cardiologists in one person. Otherwise, the rapid overcoming of yourself may become Pyrrhic victory: you will 'discharge' heart, 'ride to death' metabolism and 'unhinge' joints.

Do you still really need to relay on miracles of medicine? On the other hand, should you accept a long and sad return to your former shape? Is there an effective and safe way to rapidly increase strength and improve the flexibility of your muscles?

There is a way. It is called the biomechanical stimulation on devices Revitalion Baser 'Orion'. Its essence is to bring the muscle cells into a state similar to the one in which they come after intense exercise without putting yourself into a real strength or anaerobic exercises. Because of biomechanical stimulation, all life processes in muscle cells activate. The muscles become more elastic, strong and hardy. Still, after five minutes of training on the biomechanical stimulator (BMS) sensation in the muscles of the legs are the same as after the three-kilometer race in the extreme pace, while the load on the heart muscle does not practically occur. Moreover, there is even a certain 'cardio-holidays" because the muscles stimulated by BMS begin to work as a powerful peripheral heart.

Do you become interested? Read on.

BMS Revitalion Baser 'Orion' is the highest achievements of academic science and sports medicine at the service of health and beauty.

Biomechanical stimulation techniques and first BMS appeared in the USSR in the early 80-ies of the last century and were originally designed for the needs of this great sport. They combined years of experience of Sports Medicine and the opening of the academic sciences: biology and physiology, which after some time will be awarded the Nobel Prize.

Professor Nazarov - discoverer of biomechanical stimulation

Professor V.Nazarov, BMS inventor

The genius of Professor Vladimir Nazarov, a prominent doctor of sports medicine, physiologist and inventor, consisted in his ability to look at the process of training of muscles with the eyes of fundamental science. Back in the late '70s, he made a bold assumption that the most important role in strengthening of the muscles and increase their flexibility play not so much physical activity but physiological processes in the muscle cells happening after it, namely the so-called rehabilitation tremor. During it, the muscles grow and become stronger. The next step in the invention of biomechanical stimulation was the idea to stimulate the appearance of muscle tremors, bypassing the exercises. The idea turned out to be promising. In 1986 a book of Nazarov - "Biomechanical Stimulation: reality and hope" - was published. During this period, he introduced the first biomechanical stimulators (BMS) into the training practice. Thanks to them, the USSR team in gymnastics was effectively prepared and brilliantly performed at the 1988 Olympics. Then BMS administered to the Bolshoi Theater. However, due to economic problems of the 90th studies funding was stopped. At the end of the past - at the beginning of this century, the professor published several books, in which not only sets out the methodology of using BMS, but also gave a deep study of processes occurring during biomechanical stimulation. In the late 2000s the company Revitalion received from the inventor the rights to use the basic principles of Nazarov stimulators. Revitalion technically and methodologically developed Nazarov's ideas and presented them in the line of devices under its name.

Discoveries in physiology used in biomechanical stimulation

Nobel medal

In 70th years of the XX century, the German scientists Erwin Neher and Bert Sakmann studied the biochemical processes that provide the vital activity of cells. It was known that the cell membranes expand under the pressure of an overabundance of unipolar ions within the cell. However, the mechanism of absoription of ions was unknown. In 1991, Neher and Sakmann received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the functions of single ionic channels in cell membranes that "tighten" the desired ions into the cell. Nine years later, in 2000, the Swede Arvid Carlsson and the Americans Paul Greengard and Eric Kendal received the Nobel Prize for discovering the mechanisms of signaling in the nervous system and the theory of neuromuscular interaction. Moreover, the next year, 2001, American researcher Leland Hartwell, and his British colleagues Timothy Hunt and Paul Nurse received the award for the discovery of cell lifecycle regulators, in which the leading role was played by the elasticity of the cell membrane and permeability of its ion channels. All these scientific advances are evidence base unique beneficial effects of biomechanical stimulation on the state of the muscle cells. For more information on these discoveries, you can read here.

Rehabilitation muscle tremor as the main source of strength and elasticity

Muscle tremor

The cells of a living organism are in constant motion. This happens due to the mutual repulsion of unipolar ions in the cell, pulled in there by specific ionic channels. When ions is too much, cell expands and draws in nutrients and ions of opposite polarity. The charge in the cell falls; it contracts and throws into the intercellular space the products of intracellular reactions. And so on to infinity. Muscle cells are functioning with an excess of positive ions, while nerve cells act with an excess of negative ones. When the nerve endings inject the negative ions into the muscle fibers, the muscle contraction is done, the muscle do its job. Upon job completion, the cells start "geting ready" to its repetition: they actively get rid of toxins, restock glucose, and after the limit load - cells can divid themselves in order to gain the muscle fibers. This phenomenon is a rehabilitating tremor, during which the muscle fibers become stronger and more elastic; they forge closer cooperation with the surrounding nerve endings. The man at this period feels "itchy" or vibration inside the muscle.

BMS Revitalion Baser 'Orion', formerly known as a Nazarov stimulator produces the patented wave action on muscle, which provokes the emergence of productive muscle tremor. BMS makes muscle fibers stronger, more flexible, and more receptive to subsequent physical exercises. In this case, the heart and respiratory system works in both resting and even receive a certain 'holidays', because the motor muscles during stimulation time act as a peripheral heart.

How and why BMS Revitalion has beneficial effect on the muscles and the whole body?

Cells of muscle fibers are receiving specific productive load

Prefect muscle load

The main feature of BMS Revitalion Baser 'Orion' is the frequency-wave characteristics movement of vibrotod (the machine part that transmits the vibration into the recipient's muscles). Professor Nazarov spent 12 years of experimentations to calculate the length and shape of the waves, which vibrotod of BMS sends into muscle. After professor, the experts of Revitalion International more than 4 years continue to study the phenomenon of biomechanical stimulation. During this time, a unique three-dimensional waveform and a discrete spectrum of frequencies, which allow stimulate productive muscle tremors, were identified and patented. Changing the geometry of the pulse, as well as the usage of frequencies, going beyond the optimal, or intermediate frequencies, dramatically reduces the effectiveness of the procedure and may even in the medium term leads to negative consequences. In reality the impulses of lower frequencies are 'extinguished' by muscle fibers and have no effect, while the impulses for higher frequencies pierce the cells and eventually can destroy the cell membrane. The muscle cells have an ability to "react" only on the patented frequencies the BMS Revitalion works on - cells membranes stretch and compress, just like during the actual operation of the muscles. Due to these processes more oxygen, glucose, and cell construction materials penetrates into the cells. Intracellular processes are activated, and after biomechanical stimulation, there comes natural muscle tremor.

Muscles are strengthened without negative consequences for the organism

Muscule load without harm

There are many kinds of load: snatching, static, high-speed, anaerobic (endurance), and combinations thereof. Their implementation requires three conditions: admission to muscle glucose, oxygen and nerve impulse corresponding to the intensity and duration. Regular athletic training helps to develop the body's ability to provide these three conditions. However, it often happens that one of the conditions is not fully satisfied or satisfied in excess. This leads to injuries of various kinds. You can prevent them only with a help of scrupulous medical supervision and constant adjustment of the training plan. Such service is available to professional sportsmen, but to a certain limit. And what about those who just want to live an active lifestyle? In addition, even more so, for those who want to restore the strength and elasticity of muscles after the unfavorable period of life? Here the biomechanical stimulation comes to the aid. During exercises on BMS, the muscles do not perform physical work as such: they get no nerve impulses, and the muscle fibers do not tense up 'beyon the limits'. The action of BMS vibrations occur at the cellular level. The cell, so to say, engages the fitness at its own pleasure, making as much exercises as it can afford in its current state. At the same time the rest of the body are functioning almost like a quiescent.

Baser 'Orion' as well as other Revitalion BMS can increase the strength and elasticity of muscle fibers without the risk of harm as for the muscles and for the whole body. Mechanical wave action patented frequency and shape improves elasticity of muscle cells and activates cells internal processes, improves neuromuscular interaction. As a result, there happen not only the improvements in muscle, but also the overall recovery of the organism takes place.

Benefits of Revitalion Baser 'Orion' over other methods of the passive improving of muscle tonus

Baser vs others

Hardware fitness vs Revitalion Baser

At its core, the hardware fitness on a vibrating platform is the closest method to the BMS Revitalion. It also influences the body by vibrations, which have a stimulating and restorative effect on muscle and fat tissue on cellular level. However, the form and frequency of vibrations generated by a vibrating platform are not comparable with the specification of biomechanical stimulators, because the main task of hardware fitness is to thin or even to destroy the membranes of passive fat cells. This effect is achieved at frequencies of several times greater frequency stimulating natural muscle tremors. Thus, fat burning, which takes place on a vibrating platform, happens not due to gain of consumption of glucose in the muscle tissue, for which these frequencies are bring only stress, but due to breaking down fat cells, whose contents after some time will settle elsewhere in the organism. Furthermore, in contrast to exercises on BMS Revitalion, posture during hardware fitness procedures leads to a direct impact on the joints of the legs and of the spine. This can lead to problems with the articular cartilage.

Toning tables vs Revitalion Baser

During exercises on the toning table a dosage load of individual muscle groups occurs, while the rest of the body is in a lying or sitting position. This is a very gentle procedure, because it allows the possibility of a complete lack of resistance of motor muscle against the manipulation of moving parts toning table: man is just laying or sitting, and the machine moves his legs or pelvis in different planes. To improve muscle tone in the result of this procedure certain neuromuscular activity should be performed. Thus, training on toning tables differs from the usual fitness by the opportunity to do exercises on the legs or on the spine while laying or sitting, and as a result, less load on the cardiovascular system. The effectiveness of training on toning tables is inversely proportional to their safety for the organism. During exercises on the BMS Revitalion the load on the heart is also reduced to a minimum, but the gain of muscle tone is comparable and even exceeds the same indicator of average power or anaerobic exercise equipment. Thus, for example, 5 minutes on the BMS produce an effect of 15 minutes on the treadmill.

Electromyostimulation vs Revitalion Baser

Electromyostimulation (EMS) is a byproduct of space research. The main problem of man in weightlessness - atrophy of muscles because of the inability to obtain physical activity. The essence of the EMS is to force the muscle fibers to contract under the impact of an electric current, which imitates the nerve impulse. EMS similarities and natural neuromuscular interaction is very superficial. In nature, during muscle contraction the negative ions from the nerve endings neutralize the positive ions in the muscle cells and form diatomic or triatomic molecules of salts. During the EMS procedure, the muscle cells contract, because they are bombed by the electrons and lose their intracellular charge. As the result extremely aggressive monatomic molecules of light metals are forming. Their effect on different organs can be fatal. Reviatlion devices have no electrochemical action. They stimulate only natural productive processes in muscles, increase muscle strength and elasticity without side effects.

All kinds of massage vs Revitalion Baser

Massage - the most famous, the most tested and safest way to increase muscle tone, to activate subcutaneous adipose tissue and to relieve stress. During the massage, the cell membrane stretched, intracellular processes activate, and neuromuscular interaction improves and so on. However, it is impossible to imagine a masseur capable to massage calf muscles 3,000 times in one session. Even the massage guru will spend 50 minutes on this task. Biomechanical stimulator Revitalion Baser 'Orion' needs a few minutes to cope with this problem and it will do it much more effectively. In the result of BMS impact on the muscles, the natural muscle termor will be triggered. It will relax tensioned muscles and invigorate passive ones, activates the metabolism in the tissues of the body. In short, it will produce all, for what we appreciate the massage. However, if the massage can hardly be named a training process, the BMS procedures are certainly very good training. After them muscles become not only more flexible, but also more powerful, more enduring, more ready for future athletic activity.

Today biomechanical stimulators Revitalion Baser 'Orion' is the most effective and safe for the health method of passive training of the musculoskeletal system. Training at BMS with techniques of Revitalion Life Approach completely avoids the negative impact on the joints and the load on the heart. Procedures on Revitalion Baser have no side effects; they are pleasant, painless and effective because of activation of natural cellular processes.

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The main aspects of the beneficial effects of Revitalion Baser 'Orion' usage on the human body

Animal force

Improvement of tonus of motor muscles

Illness, stress, lack of exercise - all this leads to a deterioration in muscle tonus and neuromuscular interaction: muscle fibers lose their ability to respond to nerve impulses with adequate strength and speed. Exercises on Revitalion Baser restore vitality of muscle cells thereby improve the muscle tonus.

Strengthening ligaments and joints

Covering tissues that make up the ligaments, as well as bones and joints alone cannot contract. Their flexibility is very dependent on the activity of muscles associated with them. When the BMS Revitalion Baser improves the tonus - the strength and elasticity - of the muscles, strengthening of ligaments and joints, and overall musculoskeletal system occurs.

Ligaments and joints
Reduce the workload on the heart

Procedural unloading of the heart muscle

The human heart is too small to push the blood throughout the entire body. Muscles of the body during their abbreviations serve as ‘peripheral’ pumps that push blood through the vessels. If the muscles work little and poorly, the heart is 'answerable for all.' During procedures on the BMS, the pumping function of motor muscles increases, and the heart is able have a short vacations.

Active prevention of thrombosis

Poor permeability of capillaries and small blood vessels is directly related to low activity of the muscles, which during their contract ought to push the blood through them. During rehabilitation tremor caused by BMS Revitalion, muscle cells actively consume substances from the intercellular space, thus "pump" the blocked vessels.

Muscles training

Burning subcutaneous adipose tissue

The muscle cells activated by means of exercises on BMS Revitalion Baser need good nutrition. A source of nutrients closest to them are the subcutaneous adipose tissue. Enzymes secreted by muscle cells during the rehabilitation tremor, force to the conversion of fat into glucose and fatty acids not only in the vicinity of the active working muscle, but throughout the body.

Harmonization of the peripheral nervous system

The nervous system will not only send signals to the muscles, but also receives answers from them. If the muscles due to their atrophy do not respond properly, there occurs the imbalance of peripheral nervous system, which indirectly depresses the central nervous system. With the restoration of normal muscle activity, returns the harmony of throughout nervous system.

Strong nervous system
Vestibular function

Strengthening the vestibular apparatus

Good vestibular system - it is not only the ability of the central nervous system to determine the position of the body relative to the ground, but also the ability of the musculoskeletal system to make an adequate response to the attempts of the brain to return to equilibrium. Revitalion Baser enhances the neuromuscular interaction and contributes improvement of vestibular function.

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Revitalion Baser Station

The exterior of Revitalion Baser varies depending on model and the year of production

Basic set of exercises on the BMS Revitalion Baser 'Orion'


Everybody happy

BMS requires mandatory training to work with it

The use of biomechanical stimulator Revitalion Baser 'Orion' has no negative consequences only if the user follows the methods developed by Nazarov and Revitalion International. Their main principle: the vibration should not pass through the line joint. The following are the main stages of complex biomechanical stimulation, but for perfect exercises, it is strongly recommended to pass the training and become the BMS instructor, certified by the Revitalion International company.

The first stage

Execise 1

Stimulation of the anterior surface of the thigh

During this exercise iliopsoas muscle, large, medium and small gluteal muscles, pear-shaped muscle, sartorius and quadriceps femoris, semitendinosus, and the two-headed semimembranosus muscle tibialis tibia is stimulated, and also there is stretching the hamstrings.

The second stage

Execise 2

Stimulation of the inner surface of the thighs

During this exercise stimulates the muscles of the pelvic girdle, a comb, a thin, long leads, resulting in short and adductor muscles of the thigh, long and short peroneal muscles, there is stretching the inner thigh, and oblique.

The third stage

Execise 3

Stimulation of posterior surface of the thighs

During this exercise stimulates the muscles of the pelvic girdle, posterior group of thigh muscles, the front group of the thigh muscles, the latissimus muscle of the back and other muscles of the back.

The fourth stage

Execise 4

Stimulation of the ligaments of the knee joint

During this exercise stimulates the muscles of the pelvic girdle, posterior group of thigh muscles, the front group of the thigh muscles, calf muscles, and ligamentous apparatus of the knee and ankle joints, there is also stretching the front of the thigh.

The fifth stage

Execise 5

Stimulation of the gluts

During this exercise stimulates the muscles of the pelvic girdle, posterior group of thigh muscles, the front group of the thigh muscles, gluteal muscles, and external oblique, internal oblique, transverse, straight and pyramidal muscles of the abdomen, there is a draining effect, decreases the amount of adipose tissue.

The sixth stage

Execise 6

Stimulation of the internal abdominal muscles

During this exercise stimulates the abdominal muscles, back muscles, decreases the amount of adipose tissue, improves intestinal peristalsis, activates and normalizes the process in the kidneys and liver, there is a tightening of the skin on the abdomen.

The seventh stage

Execise 7

Stimulation of the internal abdominal muscles

During this exercise stimulates the abdominal muscles, back muscles, decreases the amount of adipose tissue, improves intestinal peristalsis, activates and normalizes the process in the kidneys and liver, there is a tightening of the skin on the abdomen.

The eighth stage

Execise 8

Complex stimulation of the lower extremities and abdomen

During this exercise stimulates all the abdominal muscles, the muscles of the back and all the muscles of the lower extremities, there is a tonic and tonic effect.

The ninth stage

Execise 9

Stimulation the muscles of the face and head

During this exercise stimulates both facial and non-facial muscles of the head, in the process of training improves attention and vision, there is an effective prevention of stroke.

For proper use of biomechanical stimulator Revitalion Baser 'Orion' at home is highly desirable to pass intramural instruction in one of the Medicament-Free Healing Centers (MFHC) Revitalion or pass distance-learning courses from the company's specialists. If you offer to undergo the procedure biomechanical stimulation on Revitalion Baser 'Orion' in other companies that are not part of a network MFHC Revitalion, you should request the BMS instructor certificate.