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The cellular tone of mimic muscles defines a condition of the face

About 30% of muscles settle down on a face of the man. They are subdivided into mimic and chewing muscles. The first ones are one of the thinnest and weakest. They are responsible for shift of sites of skin in the course of manifestation of emotions: pleasure, sorrow, anger, pain, etc. The second ones provide a chewing of food and are one of the strongest in an organism (Hardly one can crack hazelnut by hands, but by teeth - it is easy, though not recommended). This is an obvious imbalance, which starts being shown with age, when all muscles of an organism become less active and elastic, and mimic muscles lose a tone earlier than the others do. As a result, the face features change: the face form grows coarse, cheekbones become aggravated, deep wrinkles on a forehead, round eyes and a mouth are shown.

Young and aged

Before emergence of surgical and biochemical ways of a face lifting the most widespread way of hiding traces of weakening of a tone of mimic muscles was a thick layer of decorative cosmetics for leveling a skin surface. Rarely was used the thermal and chemical burns allowing "to rejuvenate" a face by the full or partial regeneration of skin. But all these ancient ways, as well as modern facelifts, hypodermic pricks of botulinum toxin (Botox), reinforcing by gold threads, bioreinforcing, etc. give temporary result and have a set of negative side effects. Moreover, the main thing, they by no means do not help to mimic muscles to restore their tone, elasticity and resilient, and this turns the face into a lifeless mask.

Are all this a right way to natural beauty and health? Of course not.

Nevertheless, is there a possibility of effective counteraction of an age pessimization of mimic muscles? Yes, it exists. Cosmetology procedures with application of a biomechanical stimulator (BMS) Revitalion Facer 'Reja' do the things that are not in power of any other methods of improvement of a shape of a face. Revitalion Facer creates a so-called muscular corset for face features. Speaking in other words, it does so that mimic muscles returned to a condition of an optimum in which they were in early youth - right after the completion of the somatic growth.

As a result, the face form becomes more harmonious, depth of mimic wrinkles decreases, the face looks fresher and younger. The combination of procedures on BMS Revitalion Facer 'Reja' with a usage of bioactive spray Revitalion produces also the rejuvenating effect on the skin of the face.

Before and After Revitalion Facer

On a photo the effect from one procedure on Revitalion Facer ‘Reja’ is shown'

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Passive training of mimic muscles – a fast and natural way of rejuvenation of facial features

Why with age facial features change and there are wrinkles?

Getting old

It is impossible to raise a tonus of mimic muscles by means of physical exercises as it can be done to locomotor muscles. Face muscles, except chewing, are responsible for shift of weightless sites of skin and can receive exertion only at the expense of resistance opposite muscles. In youth all mimic muscles have an identical tonus, but with time those from them which are used less often – the man does not show emotions for which they are responsible, - weaken. Others are with a constant overstrain. It is a difference in a tone of adjacent groups of muscles and leads to age change of facial features and formation of mimic wrinkles. As they say a face of the person in old age becomes the mask of the winning emotion.

Whether is it possible to restore balance between eternally intense "sloggers" and atrophied "idlers"? Yes, It is possible and is necessary. Moreover, the earlier, the better.

How to do it? The best method is to change considerably the way of life and to start experiencing new emotions. However, it is available to the little.

Other, not less effective method – regularly undergoes procedures on Revitalion Facer ‘Reja’. This device, which have no analogs, makes impossible the possible: it helps to level the tonus of all mimic muscles by generating a productive rehabilitation tremor in them. In other words, Revitalion Facer carries out passive training a muscle which otherwise cannot be trained.


How does the rehabilitating tremor of Revitalion Facer influences face muscles?

Face muscles

Muscles after essential physical exertion experience reflexive vibration known as a rehabilitating muscular tremor. Muscles as though itches: cells get rid of products of oxidation of glucose, which were collected in them during exertion. At this time in cells of muscles at the expense of increase in amplitude of fluctuation of cellular membranes the metabolism repeatedly amplifies, there is a preparation for the subsequent cell fission and other productive phenomena.

The devices Revitalion Facer 'Raja' generate the fluctuations identical in the form and frequency to a rehabilitating tremor. At impact on passive muscle fibers, these fluctuations induce cells to physiological reactions similar to reaction to physical activity. The results of such passive training are just the same as of the real one: the muscles which had the lowered tonus become more active, the tense muscles relax, elasticity of cellular membranes and muscle fibers in general improves, conductivity of ionic cellular channels increases, the cellular metabolism is normalizing and so on.

After influence by the Revitalion Facer 'Reja' devices a facial features are pulling up naturally, the tonus of separate adjacent groups of muscles on a forehead, round eyes and on cheekbones is leveled. At the same time chewing muscles are not "pumping up" as it happens at their physical activity (for example, intensive chewing of chewing gum).


Revitalion Facer 'Reja' device allows supporting or restoring natural harmony of tonus of all mimic muscles. Procedures on Revitalion Facer help to return muscles of the face into a state in which they were in early youth – right after the end of the somatic grows. Thus, they have no side effects and give visible improvements of outlines of the face during rather short period. In combination with the Revitalion Spray, it effectively rejuvenate both: the mimic muscles and a skin of the face.

Advantages of Revitalion Facer 'Reja' before other ways of rejuvenation of facial features

Revitalion Facer conparison with other lifting methods

Vibrating massagers
vs Revitalion Facer

The principle of operation of vibrating massagers for the face is similar to Revitalion Facer: they also generate fluctuations. However, results of their influence are dramatically different from effect of a biomechanical stimulator. Vibrating massagers "warm up" facial tissues, - first of all the skin of face, - for more effective absorption of creams, which have to have the expected cosmetology effect. They do it by the high-frequency vibration provoking collision of the cells divided by intercellular space. The working part of Revitalion Facer makes the fluctuations, patented in a form and frequency, identical to a natural rehabilitating tremor of muscular cells (See above). As a result mimic muscles pass passive training and gradually come back to harmony in which they stayed in youth. At the same time, cells of skin don't experience any destructive influence.

Facelifting vs
Revitalion Facer

Lifting of skin – the most ancient way of rejuvenation of the facial features. Thermal and chemical "burning of old skin" in order that on its place grew "the young" practiced in ancient civilizations. For temporary disposal of wrinkles, it was necessary to take the risk of being disfigured and to suffer from severe pain. Later the surgical facelift was offered: a part of the skin, which lost its elasticity, was cut out and the edges of "bores" were sewed. Facial features in some rejuvenated in some degree, but there were scars. However, facelift was always made on "senile" structure of mimic muscles, which aggravated fragility of result. Rejuvenation of facial features with Revitalion Facer happens through passive training of face muscles, they return to a condition of early youth when all of them had an identical positive tonus. Revitalion Facer gives natural and long-term result.

Immobilization of mimic muscles
vs Revitalion Facer

Botox, Disport, Kseomin, Lantoks – all this medication are based on a botulinum toxin – a neurotoxin of the proteinaceous nature. It is the strongest of organic poisons known to science and number two by force toxic substance in the nature after protactinium. One of symptoms of poisoning with botulinum toxin is a mask-like face due to immobilization of mimic muscles. This effect is achieved in cosmetology by local injections of "botox". The affected muscles for some months stiffen in a condition of a spasm that "straightens" wrinkles, which they provoke. Revitalion Facer implements diametrically opposite approach. It raises a tonus of passive mimic muscles and weakens tension, increases elasticity of the tensioned of muscle fibers. As a result, muscular structure of the face and together with it the skin are leveled, lines become softer and young. Thus, the face remains live and mobile.

Reinforcing of the face
vs Revitalion Facer

Reinforcing of the person is a mechanical analog of Botox. Hypodermic fabrics is pierced with a long hollow needle into which enter either a gold wires, or a polymeric mesothread. The needle is withdrawn, and the thread remains on a puncture place. As a result, of a series of punctures it is formed "softly – rigid" a surround framework - peculiar stiffening ribs in fabrics. The effect of reinforcing by a mesothread remains until 2 years, and then threads dissolve. Gold threads can be in an organism eternally, however, over time their "architecture" needs to be rearranged under age changes in fabrics. At the contrary to reinforcing, Revitalion Facer creates a natural muscular framework. As a result of passive trainings on Revitalion Facer all mimic muscles become more tightened and elastic, adjoining to them hypodermic substances become more active and redistributed by an even layer, facial features rejuvenate.

Today the Revitalion Facer 'Reja' devices are the only means of natural rejuvenation of facial features, which occurs by the passive training of mimic muscles. Procedures on Revitalion Facer have no side effects; they are pleasant, painless and work only due to activization of natural cellular processes without participation of difficult chemical compounds and foreign matters. With the easy supporting treatments, the received result of rejuvenation of facial features remains unlimited time.

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Effects of rejuvenation of facial features from procedures with application of Revitalion Facer 'Reja'

Helthier face

The face looks more healthy

With age, elasticity of cellular membranes in mimic muscles worsens, and cells come in oppressed a state. The first result of passive training on Revitalion Facer is the restoration of cellular membranes of cells, restoration of ionic channels and as a result improvement of a cellular metabolism.

The facial expression becomes "softer"

Due to restoration of ionic channels of cells, the mimic muscles start perceiving signals of nervous system better. Sensitivity of muscles and face skin improves, involuntary muscular contractions vanish, and tensed muscle fibers relax. The facial expression becomes less tensed.

The face looks pacified
Face looks younger

The rejuvenation of facial features happens

The difference in a tonus of various groups of muscles increasing over the years and leads to change of facial features and formation of mimic wrinkles. After Revitalion Facer, all muscles of the person get an identical positive tonus at the expense of what outlines of the person become softer and younger, mimic wrinkles gradually flatten.

Hypodermic fatty tissues is harmonized

Activation of cages of mimic and flat muscles by means of Revitalion Facer leads to degreasing of hypodermic and intramuscularly fatty cellulose. Fatty deposits start being split and feed surrounding fabrics more actively. Their layer becomes thinner and is distributed more exactly. Facial features is leveled and rounded.

Fatty cells redistribute themselves
Smaller quantity of wrinkles

Mimic wrinkles decrease and aren't formed

Equalizing of a tonus of all mythical muscles under the influence of Revitalion Facer returns them in a condition of early youth. Their structure does not contain the passive or tensed fibers any more. The hypodermic space is leveled. Due to it, emergence new wrinkles is prevented and depth of the existing mimic wrinkles decreases.

Sight improves, headaches visit less often

Impact of Revitalion Facer on mimic muscles of cheeks, cheekbones, temples and forehead indirectly stimulate the eye muscles, tissue of organs of hearing and a nasal cavity. As a result fatigue of eyes decreases, focusing is accelerated, and also the resilience of ENT organs to infections increases, the headaches caused by an overstrain of eyes, inflammatory processes in nasal and ear bosoms develop less often and pass easier.

Better eyes, less headache

Scientific basis of efficiency and safety of impact of Revitalion Facer 'Reja' on skin and mimic face muscles

Three Nobel Prizes on medicine or physiology

Nobel medal

In 1991 the German scientists Ervin Neer and Bert Sakman were awarded for the opening concerning functions of single ionic channels in cellular a membrane which provide process of cellular food. Nine years after, in 2000 Swede Arvid Carlson and Americans Paul Greengard and Eric Kendel were awarded awards for the opening connected with signaling in nervous system and the theory of neuromuscular interaction. And following year 2001 the American researcher Leland Hartvell, and his British colleagues Timothy Hunt, Paul Nurse got an award for opening of key regulators of a cellular cycle, the predominating role in which plays the cellular membrane and permeability of its ionic channels. All these researches show that ability of cages to tighten in itself ions of the necessary charge via ionic channels in their membrane is the cornerstone of the correct functioning of all systems of an organism. In more detail about these discoveries it is possible to read here.

Long-term researches of professor Nazarov

Professor V.Nazarov, BMS inventor

Professor Vladimir Nazarov developed the basic principles of biomechanical stimulation more than thirty years ago. In 1986 his book "Biomechanical stimulation: reality and hopes" was published. In the book, it was told about special type of impact of vibration on muscles of the man. The book was written based on long-term experience of professor Nazarov as the doctor of sports medicine. At that period, he put the first biomechanical stimulators (BMS) into sport training practice. Thanks to BMS, the national gymnastics team of the USSR effectively prepared for and brilliantly performed at the Olympic Games of 1988. Then BMS was applying in Bolshoi Theatre. However, in connection with economic problems of the 90th researches ceased to be financed. At the end of the 2000th the Revitalion Company acquired rights to use the basic principles of BMS of Nazarov from the inventor, technically and methodologically developed his ideas and presented a line of the devices under the its name.

Biomechanical stimulator for muscles of the face and the neck Revitalion Facer 'Reja' is a fruit of long-term researches and discoveries. In the bases of its actions lay the methods of stimulation of natural processes on cellular and intercellular level, which don't brings any mechanical or biochemical damages to an organism. Revitalion Facer ‘Reja’ – the only device, which really revives natural beauty and a healthy type of the person and neck.

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BMS Revitalion Facer Reja

How it is correct to carry out cosmetology procedure by means of Revitalion Facer?

Preparatory action

Spray Revitalion on the skin

Preparing of the face for procedure

It is extremely desirable carries out procedure on clean face skin. Before procedure it is necessary to remove decorative cosmetics. Usage of medical cosmetics during the procedure isn't recommended. The greatest favorable effect for face skin is reached in case of application before procedure of Revitalion Spray according to its instruction.

First action

Elbow stimulation

Stimulations of frontal area

We fix vibrotod horizontally and parallel to the surface of skin.The movement from the right to the left along 3 parallel horizontals, beginning from a eyebrows and finishing with the line of growth of hair we repeat 3 times. Beginning on the right half of frontal area, the movement of a vibratod from a eyebrows up and further parallel lines along all forehead we repeat 3 times.

Second action

Stimulation of an occipital zone

Stimulation of the temporal muscles and muscles which are responsible for attention

Stimulation of a hollow of temporal area with roundabout of a vibrotod along an arch we repeat 2 times.Stimulation of the muscles of the head in area behind an ear promoting concentration of attention on an arch from top to down, holding vibrotod perpendicular to the movement, we repeat 2 times. Stimulation of the same muscles with capturing occipital part of the head, holding vibrotod horizontally, we repeat 2 times.

Third action

Stimulation of muscles of an aponeurosis

Stimulation of muscles of an aponeurosis.

We find a joint of cranial plates over ear area and we do a skin fold by the left hand. Gradually stimulating head skin by moving ahead to occipital part. Thus we stimulate all the head. Then with roundabouts it is stimulated occipital area. We repeat this 3 times.

Fourth action

Face stimulation

Stimulation of facial muscles

Accurately we stimulate an external eyelid, holding vibrotod vertically, moving from the center to the periphery. We repeat 3 times. Passing by the gentle sites of skin, we stimulate malar, buccal and maxillary face muscles with the movements of a vibratod on massage lines from the vertical line starting from a drip and down to the line of a silhouette of the face. Vibratod we hold vertically, parallel to a skin surface. We repeat this 3 times. Having made lips "tubule", we stimulate at first over an upper lip above the line of teeth, then the lower part under a lip along the line of teeth. Vibratod we hold horizontally. We repeat this 2 times.

Fifth action

Stimulation of the neck

Stimulation of muscles of a neck in the direction of a lymph flow

We hold vibrotod horizontally, we move from a chin down to a throat zone. Passing from the center to the periphery, we increase stimulation area towards collarbone. We repeat this 3 times.

Final action

Spray Revitalion on the skin

Completion of procedure.

After completion of procedure the reuse of the Revitalion Spray is recommended. Its efficiency of impact on skin after procedure repeatedly increases. In 10 minutes after full absorption of Revitalion spray it is possible to put medical or decorative cosmetics.

For the correct use of biomechanical stimulator Revitalion Facer ‘Reja’ at home, you must carefully read the instructions to the device or watch the training video on the website or on the video channel on Revitalion several times.