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Based on tThe rejuvenating action of the Revitalion spray are is based on numerous bountiful applied research and open academic science.

Based on tThe rejuvenating action of the Revitalion spray are is based on numerous bountiful applied research and open academic science

Among them are the discoveries, which have been awarded in the last twenty five years several by Nobel prizes in medicine and physiology. Thanks to them, Revitalion combines the unmatched performance and absolute lack of side effects.

Nobel medal


German scientists Erwin Neher and Bert Sakmann were awarded the Nobel Prize for discoveries concerning the function of single ion channels in cells. They found discovered, that the ions of the same polarity, which that fall within the cells, playing the role of a bionmass: they stretch the cell membrane, providing an entry of nutrients into the cell of nutrients, after which they leave the cell, relaxing the membrane and causing a release of biomaterials, used in thise process of living cells. The ions enter into the cell through certain special proteins - ion channels, that which selectively let ions into the cells of a specific cells, desired her charge is negative for the muscle cells and the epithelium, positive for nerve cells. The deeper the extracellular environment of ions, the more longevity there cageis.

Nobel medal


The Swede Arvid Carlsson and Americans Paul Greengard and Eric Kendal was were awarded for discoveries associated with the transmission of signals in the nervous system. Nerve cells, unlike all other negatively charged cells of the body, have a high concentration of positive ions. When the flow of these ions through the nerve endings is released to adjacent cellular structures, for the neutralization of oppositely charged ions inside these cells: their membranes are compressed and the compression of muscle fibers or increase in intercellular pores in epitelialnyh tissues. This is muscular work or contact of interstitial fluid with the non-living environment. This leads to redistribution of the ions throughout the Central nervous system that is perceived as a signal.

Nobel medal


American researcher Leland Hartwell and his British colleagues Timothy hunt and Paul nurse received the award Prize for the discovery of key regulators of the cell cycle. Cell cycle is the period of existence of the cells from the moment of its educationbirth by dividing parent cell until its own division or death. They proved that the true existence of the intercellular environment should be formulated with active ions of positive and negative charge. These ions are involved in all life processes of the cell cycle. In particular, it was shown that cell death occurs as a result of the destruction or blockage of ion channels, causing the cell to stops letting in nutrients and discarding of it the by-products of intracellular processes.

The theory defines the role of ion fluxes in cells of the body allowed to give a logical explanation for many processes which were previously considered inexplicable. Its main postulate: "Cells are alive, healthy, properly share and interact with each other, can exchange with the extracellular fluid is vital number of active ions". Revitalion laboratory is in constant search of ways to stabilize the ionized solutions of biologically in-demand chemical elements, their relations and proportions needed to achieve the best results in terms of a particular climate.

The advantages of Revitalion spray over other products for skin and hair treatments

Spray Revitalion comparison with other cosmetics

Thermal water
vs Revitаliоn

In thermal waters, as in the Revitalion spray contains ions of vital salts. However, the number of positive and negative ions in the thermal waters of parity. Ions of different signs freely cancel each other and indifferent to the ion needs of skin cells and hair. In ionic Revitalion spray is dominated by ions of positive charge required to activate ion channels of the cells of the skin and hair. Revitalion intense ions penetrate into the cells, restoring ion channels, and thereby contribute to the revival of the natural resilience of cells..

Lifting creams
vs Revitаliоn

Lifting creams often contain substances that artificially increase the tone of the subcutaneous layer of flat cells of muscles. The skin becomes smooth and taut. When the action of stimulants in the cream ends, the skin returns to its former apathetic condition. Revitalion active ions restores the elasticity of the cell walls (cell membranes) of all skin layers, including subcutaneous, thereby reviving their natural appearance. The tone of the skin and subcutaneous flat muscles after the application of the Revitalion spray remains for a long time.

Peptide creams
vs Revitalion

Currently synthesized and described several hundred species of peptides. Peptides - these are the managers of the protein structure. They control the processes of synthesis. By specifying the properties of peptides, you can set the properties of the elements that make up the cell. It is believed that the presence in the extracellular environment, the "right" peptides should help the "right" life. However, peptide technology is only 20 years old, while the ionic interactions determined viability already in the earliest organisms on the planet. A cell with a good ionic conductivity knows how to synthesize the desired proteins.

Nourishing mask
vs Revitаliоn

Nourishing mask created to deliver into the cells of substances, which for various reasons do not reach them from the depths of the body. They eliminate the result is a deficit of power cells, but not affect the cause, and subcutaneous layers are impaired transport of amino acids, glucose and other substances into the dermis. Revitalion consistently revives vitality and ion permeability of all the layers of skin cells of the face and head, down to the flat subcutaneous muscle, thereby helping to restore the natural way of obtaining the necessary substances from the body.

At the same time as other cosmetic products are trying to deal with the various consequences of the natural degradation of intracellular processes, bioactive ionic Revitalion spray helps cells to restore the natural biological activity, vitality and the ability to correctly and independently to eat and share. The effect of the application of the Revitalion spray deeper and longer. And, most importantly, it has no side effects.

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Revitalion spray revives the natural
elasticity and vitality of skin cells and hair

What determines the health and beauty of human skin?

Skin structure

The skin protects the body against a wide range of external influences, participates in respiration, thermoregulation, metabolism and many other processes. In addition, the skin represents a large receptive field of various types of surface sensitivity. The skin is the largest organ. It consists of epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous fat (hypodermis).

  • The epidermis consists of 5 layers of protective epidermal cells. The uppermost layer consists of a multilayered keratinized epithelium. Beneath 2-4 the number of non-nuclear cells of the shiny layer, then - 1-5 rows of cells of the granular layer. Even lower 3-8 rows of cells of the spiny layer. And finally, the lower — basal layer consists of 1 prismatic epithelium.

  • The dermis, or the actual skin consists of 2 layers - papillary layer, which are numerous outgrowths, containing loops of capillaries and nerve endings, and mesh layer that contains blood and lymph vessels, nerve endings, hair follicles, glands, and elastic, collagen and smooth muscle fibers that give the skin strength and elasticity.

  • Subcutaneous adipose tissue consists of bundles of connective tissue and fat accumulation, the function of which consists in the accumulation and storage of nutrients for the entire body. It is used for thermoregulation and protection.

In their properties, all these layers are different from each other as Batiste from felt and nylon. That improves the livelihoods of one type of cells, might not be too nice to another cell type. For example, the collagens that are designed to improve the elasticity of the mesh layer of the dermis, weaken the protective function of the epidermis and cause rapid formation of fat accumulation, which negatively affects the appearance of the skin.

Experten Revitalion, GNA, SW, abziehen, dass die Grundlage für das Wohlbefinden eines jeden Zelltyp ist die Leitfähigkeit der Ionenkanäle. Wenn es normal ist, wird die Zelle selbst alles, was für sein Leben nötig war, wird es kräftig, elastisch und widerstandsfähig, unabhängig vom Alter der Person.

This approach found its embodiment in a bioactive ionic Revitalion spray.

As active ions help the cells of the skin and hair?

Spraing Revitalion

The impact of Revitalion spray on skin cells and hair has a cumulative effect. The revival of the viability of cells occurs in several stages:

  • In the early stages of the ionized fluid Revitalion primarily affects the cells of the epidermis and the fibrous sheath and the hyaline basal membrane of the hair. In most cases the layers are depleted of bioactive ions that are not up here through the underlying layers of the skin and muscles, which for several reasons is subject to reduction in the conductivity of ion channels. When applied to the skin, bioactive ion spray restores the elasticity of cell membranes consistently in all five layers of epidermis and two external layers of your hair. Due to artificial excess ions, the cells begin to actively "pump" nutrients through their nutrient channels, which leads, in particular, to restore the weakened functions of the ion channels. The epidermal cells or hyaline basement membrane of the excess ions of the indifferent, in consequence of which they actively aspire to the second layer of the skin or hair.

  • Increase vitality of epidermal cells hyaline basement membrane leads to re-establishment of the intercellular space. And in the second stage, the impact of Revitaliona bioactive ions are beginning in large numbers to leak through this space in the dermis or layers of the Huxley and Henle hair. Elasticity of cell membranes and ion channels in the cells as well as in the epidermis. The difference is that the dermis is permeated by capillaries and nerve fibers, which are designed to bring the ions from the depths of the body. When the cells of the dermis regain their former active pumping function, they indirectly stimulate capillary blood flow and increase sensitivity of nerve endings. This leads to increased tone of the dermis itself.

  • In the third stage, the use of Revitalion spray activates subcutaneous fat cells or hair matrix. It does not lead to immediate burning (destruction) of subcutaneous fat or accelerating hair growth that is actually a symptom of a serious illness. However, the fat cells under the influence of bioactive ions and the increased bioactivity of skin cells actually skin become more permeable and alive answer to the queries surrounding cells of all the stored nutrients.

The probability of penetration of bioactive ions of Revitalion spray into the cells of the facial muscles located under the skin of the face or scalp, is negligible. However, the revival of cell vitality and cell vitality of the skin, on the one hand, improves the excretory and respiratory functions of the skin, and on the other hand stimulates metabolism, in particular, ion permeability of the subcutaneous muscles. This makes the effect of restoring the beauty and health of skin and hair long and totally harmless, as bioactive ions equally positively affect all layers of the skin.

Revitalion spray is absolutely safe and effective to use. Unlike creams, which are trying to bring into the cells of the skin third-party biological and biochemical material, not caring about the quality of his learning, Revitalion helps the cells to revive their natural potency and vitality, by which they begin to receive sufficient amount of nutrients from the intercellular environment, i.e., directly from the body.

Effects of Revitalion spray

Deeper breathing

Skin cells and hair will begin to "breathe"

After the restoration of ion channels the cells become more active to pass the desired ions, and nutrients and oxygen from the interstitial fluid and from the environment.

The skin becomes more supple and taut

The increased intensity of cellular respiration will lead to restoration of elasticity of cellular membranes. The cells of all layers of the skin will be better to expand and contract. Skin as a whole will be more toned. Hair will become noticeably more silky.

More elastic
Looks healthier

More elastic

The revival of the former vitality of the skin cells more active and stimulates blood circulation in skin capillaries. The skin becomes a healthier color. Reduces the number of problem areas on the skin. Hair becomes less brittle and less whipped.

Skin and hair more intense is updated and looks fresh

The restoration of throughput of ion channels, the revival of the elasticity of cell membranes, increasing the life activity of the cells - all this leads to the fact that hair cells, the epidermis and the dermis begin to quickly share. The new cells inherit the viability of their predecessors. Age-related changes in the skin and hair stop and start to go back to the level of biological flourishing of the organism.

Looks more shining

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How to achieve maximum effect from the use of Revitalion spray?

Act one

Clean your skin

Remove the remains of makeup or night cream

The chemicals contained in cosmetics and care products for skin, neutralize the bioactive ions of Revitalion spray and reduces the effectiveness of its application. Before applying the spray you should remove them.

Act II

Wash your skin

Wash the skin with soap and carefully rinse it with water

Remnants of perspiration salts and organic compounds in the epidermis or of the fibrous layer of hair take a part of bioactive ions of Revitalion spray. So it is better to wash off. Wash the skin before applying spray do not use cleansing lotions (See note to "Step one").


Dry your skin

Ihre Haut sorgfältig trocknen

Bei Kontakt mit Wasser auf der Haut verbleiben, wird ein Teil der Ionen des bioaktiven Revitalion Spray neutralisiert werden und ihre ausgewogenen Konzentration fällt. Deshalb wird vor der Anwendung des Sprays, sollte die Haut mit einem Handtuch oder Papierserviette abgewischt werden.

Act IV

Spray Revitalion on the skin

Evenly spray the Revitalion spray on skin and hair

SSpraying should be performed from a distance of 25-30 cm by pressing a spray bottle. The number of applied bioactive spray is not normalized, but to achieve results you should apply the spray until you feel the moisture of the treated area of the skin or hair.

The action of the fifth

Let drops dry by themselves

Do not wipe the spray from skin or hair! Allow it to soak

In any case you should not wipe the drops of spray on skin or hair. Massaging also reduces its effectiveness as a part of bioactive ions Revitalion absorbed into the skin of the fingers and palms. It is necessary to give the bioactive composition to fully penetrate the skin or hair. This happens very quickly and pleasantly.

The latter, optional

Use your usual cosmetics

If you wish, use your usual cosmetics

Bioactive Revitalion spray is an effective and safe means of restoring the natural youth and beauty of skin. However, if you wish, after full absorption of the spray you can put on the skin your usual cosmetic products, whose effectiveness Revitalion will significantly increase.

ATTENTION! Should apply cosmetics no earlier than 10 minutes after the treatment the skin with Revitalion spray, because after ionization the skin cells actively absorb all substances, including inorganic dyes contained in cosmetics.

"Revitalion is a new weighty word in cosmetics, we should listen very carefully"


"Der wissenschaftliche Ansatz der zugrunde liegenden Revitalion sprühen einfach geht im Gegensatz zu der Denkweise der Erfinder der Kosmetik von führenden Marken, in einer völlig anderen Ebene der Hautpflege legt sie. Das macht es interessant und vielversprechend."

Cosmopolitan manazine

"Revitalion bringt in der Kosmetikindustrie das wichtigste Prinzip der Medizin - 'Nicht schaden" Und zur gleichen Zeit wird die Wirkung, die es geben kann, übertreffen viele biologisch aggressiven Methoden der Verjüngung."

Health magazine

"Es ist das Unerwartete, effizient und das harmloseste Annäherung an das Problem der Opposition gegen Alterung der Haut und den gesamten Organismus. Ionic Revitalion Spray rechtfertigt seinen Namen im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes."

Elle magazine